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Professional Meat Processing Equipment for Less

Our Quality, Prices, and Customer Service Can't be Beat!

We feature meat processing equipment and butcher supplies from the best manufacturers available, buy in quantity, and pass the savings directly to our customers.

Vacuum Sealers Unlimited carries everything you need to get your meat and game processing done right, from meat grinders and meat mixers, to sausage stuffers, jerky making equipment, and more

Whether you need butcher supplies, making jerky,  or you are processing deer, meat, game, fish, food, we will work to provide you with the very best combination of customer service and price!

We are always ready to answer your questions at (661) 332-5631.


             Meat Grinders                                                        Meat Mixers                                                    Hamburger Presses


              Smokehouses / Smokers                                                    Dehydrators                                            Sausage Stuffers


               Meat Tenderizers                                                           Meat Slicers