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Mylar Bags, Oxygen Absorbers, Sealers - Your Long Term / Emergency Food Storage Solution

Mylar bags are impervious to oxygen, moisture, and light and are your best choice for protecting your food for years.

Vacuum Sealers Unlimited will help you to protect your family with long-term food storage solutions. We carry popular sizes of heavy-duty mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, and hand heat sealers to make long-term food storage quick and easy. Whether you are storing your food in 5 gallon buckets or on your pantry shelf, we've got you covered.

All of our Products are BPA Free

MYLAR BAGS / POUCHES (Click to Shop)

We only carry BPA free, food-safe mylar. Our thick, puncture-resistant mylar material is puncture resistant and prevents light, moisture, and air from coming in contact with your food, hopes, or other items.


Oxygen is the #1 reason that food spoils. We carry food-safe oxygen absorbers that are designed to completely remove the air from your mylar bags and preserve your food for the long run. We offer several sizes to suit your needs.

HAND SEALERS (Click to Shop)

Our economical hand sealers will quickly and easily seal a wide variety of bag materials, including Mylar. choose one of our Hand Operated Impulse Heat Sealers to seal quart or gallon bags, or our 6" Portable Hand Operated Heat Sealer to rapidly seal any size bag.

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