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Sous Vide Cooking Equipment & Supplies

Vacuum Sealers Unlimited is proud to announce our partnership with SousVide Supreme®
the cutting-edge industry leader in sous vide cooking.

Sous Vide
is an exciting method of cooking that yields results that cannot be duplicated by any other traditional cooking method.  The term sous vide, which translates to "under vacuum," refers to the cooking technique in which food that has been vacuum sealed is immersed into a water bath in a Sous Vide Machine that is kept at a specific temperature to ensure that the food cooks at that temperature.

This precise cooking temperature allows the food to be cooked evenly and ensures that the food will not be overcooked. Preparing sous vide dishes requires longer cooking time than traditional methods, but the sous vide machine will reward you with a meal that is cooked to perfection and is never burnt or dried out.

As you are cooking food sous vide you can be sure that the food will stay moist and tender.  You will not lose the juices to the cooking surface or evaporation.

We are proud to carry the very best VacMaster vacuum sealing equipment and VacMaster vacuum sealing bags to help you make perfect sous vide dishes every time.

Visit the Vacuum Sealers Unlimited store today to shop for all of your Sous Vide water ovens, vacuum sealers, bags, and rolls.


                                       SousVide Supreme Water Oven                                                                                               SousVide Supreme Demi Water Oven


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