ULTRA Food Vacuum Sealer Bags & Rolls

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FoodSaver® Bags and ULTRA Bags

What is the Difference?

One of the most common questions we receive is will our bags and rolls work with the FoodSaver® vacuum sealers, and the answer is YES.  Our products can completely replace Food Saver bags and FoodSaver rolls in your kitchen.  We proudly feature the ULTRA line of vacuum sealing bags and rolls.  They are guaranteed to work with your vacuum sealer or your money back. 

What is the difference between the ULTRA Bags and Rolls and everyone else's?

The ULTRA bags and rolls are manufactured from a tough 3.5 mil plastic, which is thicker and more puncture resistant than other food vacuum sealer bags and rolls on the market.  Not only will our ULTRA bags and rolls protect your food from freezer burn BETTERthan our competitors, they are more puncture resistant. 

What is the Benefit of the Premium ULTRA Bags and Rolls?

Simply put, we feel that our ULTRA bags and rolls are the best basg and rolls on the market.  They are thicker and more puncture resistant than the competition's and they feature deep vacuum grooves on one side -- for a fast vacuum -- along with a clear, durable material on the other side -- for great visibility and to show off your product.  The thicker bags will resist punctures from sharp bones better than anything on the market and a thicker bag also translates into more resistance to freezer burn.  Your food will stay fresher longer.  Plus, you will save around 70% when you use the ULTRA food vacuum sealing products instead of FoodSaver bags and rolls. 

Thicker, more durable, more puncture resistant, and you save money!

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                                                ULTRA Bags                                                                                                                       ULTRA Rolls
                  for FoodSaver / Cabelas / Weston / VacMaster, etc.                                                 for FoodSaver / Cabelas / Weston / VacMaster, etc.        

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